Even our great-grandmothers knew that the flowers have their own pronunciation. Each variety of flowers donated the other person is of particular importance. What matters is their color and quantity ... In what way? Check before you choose a bouquet ...

Flowers and their meanings

The number of flowers in the bouquet has its significance:
one flower spoke - just you!
two flowers - belong together
three - I love
six- I want to be yours!
eight - I can not resist you
nine - love to the grave,
ten - are excellent,
eleven - the memory of wonderful moments,
dozen - I adore you,
Twenty - we are made for each other.
two dozen - delight in our love,
three dozen - you brighten my life,
four dozen - true love

Colors of flowers:
fiery red color signified love,
white - feeling perfect,
Pink - friendship,
blue - faithfulness,
yellow - jealousy,
orange - treason