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Often we give other flowers, or maybe you're doing it wrong? Read necessarily what falls and what better to avoid! Flowers is an elegant and versatile way to thank, congratulate and to wish on various occasions. Formerly were more compulsory element, than it is today, which is a pity. However, there is a large group of supporters who to this day of celebration handing flowers. But they not always know how to do, and according to label a few rules that should be followed. Firstly, the choice of We do not always know how to properly choose flowers in city, and this is the key to success. When selecting follow the person to whom you are going to hand them over, and the circumstances in which will be donated. If you go to visit your home, avoid red flowers, because a lot of people from city or even far think that this color is reserved for the man who lavishes chose for his heart. For all family types: a birth, baptism, communion, or wedding should choose bouquets of white or pastel flowers. Always bouquet should consist of an odd number of flowers. Even bouquets are reserved for mourning ceremonies. If you plan to give a single flower, delicate flowers avoid the type of carnation, gerbera, whether freesia, but rather select rose, Strelitzia or anthurium. Avoid strong-smelling flowers lily type, fragrant pea, or freesia, unless you are sure that your bouquet will not come into the hands of an allergic or sick person. Avoid calla lilies and chrysanthemums because they are reserved for the funeral, although more and more people are buying them from other occasion.